What is a New Year’s Resolution anyway

New Year’s Resolution

What is a New Year’s Resolution anyway? Why is it put upon us at this time of year to make a public pronouncement to accomplish some task, name a goal, or otherwise aspire for some nebulous aspect of character that we may never have been intended to achieve? Aren’t we good enough as we are? Is a new year really a chance to reinvent ourselves, doff our old skins and stride forward into a glimmering future of renewed self-respect? How is this singular transition from night to day any different from any other earthly revolution? Why must we keep up this ridiculous facade?

Best Events In Brooklyn

2023 Year In Review

From everyone here at Team 100 Sutton, we want to wish you and yours a happy holidays and all the best in the new year! 2023 was a banner year for 100 Sutton Event Space and Production Studios! Part of our mission is to provide a safe space for emerging artists to evolve their visions across all mediums and genres. From celebrity product shoots to exclusive brand drops and film screenings, there was a constant stream of pop-ups, parties, and productions that created both effective campaigns and long lasting relationships. The new year is right around the corner and we can’t wait to see what 2024 brings. In the mean time, here is a breakdown of some best events in Brooklyn for the last 365!

creative ways to give back

Creative Ways to Make a Positive Impact This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of joy, generosity, and giving. It’s a period where the spirit of kindness and compassion shines brighter than ever. While the holidays are often associated with gifts and festivities, they also present an incredible opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the world around us. From small gestures to larger initiatives, there are countless creative ways to give back during this festive time. Now that Black Friday is behind us, let’s take a moment to forget about our own pockets and bank accounts and start thinking about filling the holes in our hearts with acts of generosity.

Plan a holiday party in 2023

Tips For Planning Your 2023 Holiday Party

As another fruitful year comes to a close, it’s time to start planning for one of the most anticipated events on the corporate calendar: the Annual Holiday Party! As we continue to careen out of the debris of COVID and the economic tribulations of the past several years, it’s more important than ever to bring the team together for a celebration that boosts morale, fosters camaraderie, and creates lasting memories. To ensure your corporate holiday party stands out this year, here are some essential tips to make it a roaring success.

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Design Meets Brooklyn

NYCxDesign, held annually in the vibrant city of New York, is more than just a design event—it’s an immersive experience that ignites creativity and celebrates the boundless possibilities of design. The festival, running from May 18-25 this year, showcases a dazzling array of disciplines, from architecture and interior design to fashion and industrial design. NYCxDesign serves as a melting pot of artistic expression, attracting visionaries and enthusiasts alike from around the globe. This article shines a spotlight on five exceptional projects that not only embody the ethos of NYCxDesign but also serve as testament to the remarkable talent and ingenuity of the creative minds behind them.