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Design Meets Brooklyn

Highlighting Brooklyn’s NYCxDesign Events

NYCxDesign, held annually in the vibrant city of New York, is more than just a design event—it’s an immersive experience that ignites creativity and celebrates the boundless possibilities of design. The festival, running from May 18-25 this year, showcases a dazzling array of disciplines, from architecture and interior design to fashion and industrial design. NYCxDesign serves as a melting pot of artistic expression, attracting visionaries and enthusiasts alike from around the globe. This article shines a spotlight on five exceptional projects that not only embody the ethos of NYCxDesign but also serve as testament to the remarkable talent and ingenuity of the creative minds behind them.


Head Hi & Furnishing Utopia Present: PUBLIC ACCESS

This debut installment, curated by Jean Lee, co-founder of Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, features works from 37 international designers on view in a two-part exhibition at Head Hi, a Brooklyn based cultural organization, and the Naval Cemetery Landscape in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a public park which has never been activated for a design exhibition.

PUBLIC ACCESS is an offshoot project stemmed from the evolutionary work from Furnishing Utopia. The vision of this project is to explore utopian values in design. Head Hi is an art collective known for its innovative approach to public art and community engagement. Furnishing Utopia, on the other hand, is a design collective that explores the intersection of design, craft, and everyday life. Together, they bring their expertise and passion to create a unique experience for the public.


The Backyard Show

Presented by Luft Tanaka Studio, The Backyard Show showcases work from more than 20 independent designers and artists in a neighborly, backyard party setting. This multi-generational exhibition features work from Los Angeles, Taipei, Tokyo, Vancouver, and right here in New York, with exhibitors including Rosie Li, Allan Wexler, Chen Chen and Kai Williams, Drew Seskunas, Jamie Wolfond, and Tanaka himself.

Luft Tanaka Studio is an architectural design studio founded by architects Luft Tanaka and Sarah Tanaka. The studio is known for its innovative and sustainable approach to architecture, urban planning, and design. Luft Tanaka Studio focuses on creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally conscious spaces. They prioritize sustainable design principles, the use of natural resources, and the impact on the surrounding environment. In their designs, Luft Tanaka Studio often incorporates elements of modernism, minimalism, and a deep appreciation for nature. They strive to create spaces that harmonize with their surroundings, taking inspiration from the natural environment and integrating it into their designs.


MushLume Lighting: The Earth Tones Color Launch + Open Studio

MushLume Lighting is an award-winning, biofabricated lighting collection grown using mushroom mycelium. They will be showcasing their newly launched color lighting line– an earthy palette of non-toxic, naturally pigmented, mineral-based treated lampshades that are grown, not manufactured. Their lampshades are grown utilizing sustainably-sourced hemp that is combined with mycelium, a rapidly renewable living organism. In just a few days, the mycelium grows, cultivating a thick network of hyphae that binds to the hemp substrate, solidifying into a solid structure to create a stable and all natural lampshade.

Their products feature organic, sculptural forms inspired by nature, providing a unique and artistic touch to interior spaces. MushLume Lighting promotes sustainability and ecological responsibility by offering functional and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions that contribute to a more environmentally friendly lighting industry.


Available Items Presents Ecophilia with Constantin Boym

Ecophilia is a project by designer and educator Constantin Boym, presented in collaboration with Hudson Valley store and gallery Available Items. Inspired by Enzo Mari’s ‘Autoprogettazione’ manual and the belief that eco-humanism needs to find its expression in design, ‘Ecophilia’ is a series of modern habitats for plants and animals that anyone can build using materials and tools that are accessible, economical, and environmentally sound.

Constantin Boym is a renowned industrial designer and educator. Known for his innovative and thought-provoking designs, Boym explores the intersection of design, culture, and social commentary. His work often incorporates elements of humor and irony, challenging conventional design norms and exploring the relationship between objects and their cultural context. Boym’s contributions to the field of design continue to inspire and provoke discussions about the role of objects in society.


Open Studio at Ottra

Ottra will open their shop for a tour of their shop where they create award-winning, sculptural solid-wood furniture and in their showroom featuring some of their latest designs.

Ottra creates sculptural, solid wood furniture in a waterside shop in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Founded by Sofia and Adam Zimmerman, it started as a side project for their architecture firm, Zimmerman Workshop. They create handcrafted furniture for residential, hospitality, and corporate interiors. Like Zimmerman Workshop’s architectural projects, the organic-yet-elegant furniture reflects commitment to technical rigor, meticulous detailing, quality construction, and a softened contemporary aesthetic.


In conclusion, NYCxDESIGN serves as a dynamic platform that celebrates and showcases the immense creativity and innovation within the design world. With its annual festival and events, it provides a stage for artists and designers from various disciplines to share their unique visions and push the boundaries of design. Through the participation of notable figures such as Head Hi, Furnishing Utopia, MushLume Lighting, and Constantin Boym, we witness the diverse perspectives, sustainable approaches, and thought-provoking concepts that shape the design landscape. NYCxDESIGN not only fosters collaboration and community engagement but also inspires dialogue and encourages the exploration of new ideas. As this event continues to evolve, it strengthens the role of design in shaping our environments, enhancing our experiences, and reflecting the ever-changing world we inhabit.