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Top Emerging Visual Artists in NYC

New York City has long been a hub for artists of all kinds, and the city’s vibrant visual arts scene continues to thrive today. From painters to mixed media artists, New York City is home to some of the most innovative and exciting creators in the world. In this article, we’ll highlight six emerging visual artists who are making waves in the New York City art scene: Patrick Dougher, Odd Ball Art, Marissa Klick, Rachel Phillips, Tim Okamura, and Jocelyn Benford.

Patrick Dougher

Patrick Dougher is a Brooklyn-based mixed media artist whose work explores the intersections of race, identity, and spirituality. Dougher’s work often incorporates found materials like vintage wallpaper and religious iconography, as well as hand-drawn elements like his signature black-and-white portraits. Dougher’s work has been shown in galleries and exhibitions around New York City, including a recent solo exhibition at the Rush Arts Gallery in Chelsea. His pieces are deeply personal and often confrontational, inviting viewers to engage with the complex social issues that his work addresses.

Odd Ball

Odd Ball Art is an artist based in Brooklyn. Their work is characterized by a playful, whimsical aesthetic, often featuring bold colors and graphic patterns. Odd Ball Art’s work spans a wide range of media, including animation, illustration, and sculpture. Their pieces often incorporate found materials and found objects, giving them a sense of texture and depth.

Marissa Klick

Marissa Klick is a painter and mixed media artist based in Manhattan. Klick’s work is characterized by its vibrant colors and intricate patterns, often featuring floral motifs and abstract shapes. Klick’s pieces are inspired by her travels around the world, and her work often incorporates elements of different cultures and artistic traditions. Her paintings are rich in texture and detail, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the intricate world that she creates on canvas.

Rachel Phillips

Rachel Phillips is a Brooklyn-based painter whose work explores the complexities of the human experience. Phillips’ paintings often feature fragmented figures and abstracted landscapes, creating a dreamlike atmosphere that invites viewers to reflect on their own emotions and experiences. Phillips’ work has been shown in galleries and exhibitions around New York City, including a recent solo exhibition at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art. Her paintings are haunting and evocative, offering a glimpse into the inner worlds of her subjects.

Tim Okamura

Tim Okamura is a painter based in Brooklyn whose work focuses on the intersections of race, culture, and identity. Okamura’s paintings often feature black and brown subjects, portrayed in a realistic style that captures the nuance and complexity of their experiences. Okamura’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, and he has received numerous awards and honors for his contributions to the art world. His paintings are both powerful and intimate, offering a window into the lives of the people who inspire him.

Jocelyn Benford

Jocelyn Benford is a multidisciplinary artist based in Queens, whose work spans a wide range of media including painting, sculpture, and installation. Benford’s work often explores themes of memory, identity, and history, incorporating found objects and materials that are imbued with personal and cultural significance. Benford’s installations are immersive and engaging, inviting viewers to enter into her world and experience her creations firsthand. Her work is both playful and thought-provoking, challenging viewers to reflect on their own memories and experiences.


The visual arts scene in New York City is constantly evolving and expanding, and these six emerging artists are just a small sample of the incredible talent that can be found throughout the city. From mixed media to painting to sculpture, these artists are pushing boundaries and expressing themselves in beautiful ways.audience while minimizing costs.