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6 Industry-Leading NFT Agencies

As the world becomes increasingly digital, so too does the art world. With the rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), a new market for virtual artists has emerged, and with it, a need for agencies to promote and showcase their work. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top NFT agencies and the virtual artists they represent.



SuperRare is one of the leading NFT marketplaces, and for good reason. With a strict curation process, they only accept the most talented artists, resulting in a collection of high-quality, exclusive digital art. Their focus on community-building sets them apart from other platforms, offering artists the opportunity to connect with collectors and collaborate with other artists. SuperRare also offers a unique feature called “unlockable content,” allowing artists to include additional content or experiences for collectors who purchase their art.

One of the artists represented by SuperRare is Fewocious, a 20-year-old artist who has quickly made a name for himself in the NFT world. His vibrant, pop-inspired pieces often sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, with his highest sale to date being a piece titled “Mad Dog Jones x Fewocious: Rarible #1,” which sold for over $1.5 million.

“What Liberty” by Osinachi 

Nifty Gateway

Another prominent NFT marketplace is Nifty Gateway, which was recently acquired by Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange. Like SuperRare, Nifty Gateway is highly selective in the artists they represent, resulting in a high caliber of work. They also offer a unique feature called “drops,” where artists release a limited edition of their work at a specific time, creating a sense of urgency for collectors.

One of Nifty Gateway’s standout artists is Trevor Jones, a Scottish artist whose work often incorporates political and social commentary. His piece “The Bitcoin Angel,” which sold for over $3 million, features a figure holding a Bitcoin sign, with a backdrop of the New York Stock Exchange.

“Take Back Your Power” by Indie184


Voice is a newer player in the NFT agency space, having launched in 2021. However, they have already made waves with their innovative approach to promoting virtual artists. Voice operates on a decentralized blockchain platform, allowing for more transparency and control for artists. They also prioritize sustainability, using a carbon-neutral approach to minting NFTs.

One of Voice’s notable artists is Mad Dog Jones, who has been featured on several NFT platforms. His work often explores themes of technology and the future, with his piece “Replicator” selling for over $4 million on Nifty Gateway.

“Incomplete Control” by Tyler Hobbs

Bright Moments

Bright Moments is a unique NFT agency, focused on promoting Black artists and creators. They offer a range of services, including curation, marketing, and social media management, with the goal of amplifying the voices of underrepresented artists. They also prioritize education, offering workshops and resources to help Black artists navigate the NFT world.

One of Bright Moments’ standout artists is Tyler Clark, whose vibrant, textured pieces often incorporate Black cultural references. His work has been featured in exhibitions around the world, and he was recently commissioned by Nike to create a mural for their flagship store in New York City.

“Tribute and Respect” by Lady JDay


Flipkick is an NFT agency with a focus on digital fashion and collectibles. Their team includes industry experts in fashion, gaming, and blockchain technology, allowing them to offer a unique perspective on the NFT market. They also prioritize sustainability, using renewable energy to mint NFTs.

One of Flipkick’s standout collaborations was with fashion designer Alexander Wang, who created a series of limited-edition digital garments. The pieces sold out within minutes of their release, with one collector purchasing a dress for over $500,000.

“Carton Collection” by L3MON


Mojito is an NFT agency focused on powering creators and brands. They specialize in hosting mints, drops, marketplaces and memberships to support their mission to onboard the world to Web3. They have worked with clients from many industries from fashion with Prada and Givenchy to sports with Milwaukee Bucks and Liverpool FC.

One of Mojito’s standout projects is Lyrical Lemonade’s “L3MON” NFT which was an artistic spin on the brand’s iconic carton logo and grants owners access to exclusive merchandise, behind-the-scenes content, and more.


In conclusion, NFT agencies play a crucial role in promoting and showcasing the work of virtual artists. SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, Voice, Bright Moments, Flipkick, and Mojito are just a few of the agencies leading the way in this emerging market. Each agency offers a unique perspective and approach, resulting in a diverse range of virtual art available to collectors. As the NFT market continues to grow and evolve, it will be exciting to see what new agencies and artists emerge, and how they will shape the future of digital art.